a naturopaths guide for healing your acne from the inside out

In this course you will go from feeling lost and frustrated with your skin, to being in control, confident and ready to get glowing from the inside out.
Before we dive into the magic that is SKIN SCHOOL, Let’s talk about who this course is really for….

You’re acne has been a sore point for a while now and you are sick of the lack of confidence that comes with it. You're ready to stop covering it up and start living that glowing, bare skin, fresh faced life.

Does this sound like you?

You’ve dabbled in beauty powders and supplements, but you have NO IDEA what to do with them. Maybe you’ve tried a few, but you’re not really sure what works, or how much you should be taking. You want clear, concise and specific information about what supplements will work for you.


Your skin care cabinet is full to the brim (that’s ok, so is mine!), but none if it is really giving you results. You need guidance as to how you can help your skin shine from within so you can feel even better when applying your most recent MECCA purchase.


You have a full on work or study load, you’re tired, you’re not eating as well as you would like to and you’re ready to make some real changes to the way you live - all for the sake of your skin

You’ve struggled with acne for quite some time, nothing has really ever worked but you have an underlying suspicion that something else is going on, on the inside. You're ready to take the next step and really get the results you are after, finally.