Antioxidant Raspberry Honey

This original recipe was inspired by 101cookbooks Tangy Delicious Vitamin C Honey

Local honey has become a household staple for us - every where we go we seek out local honey. I use this jazzed up version to add to my morning muesli as an extra flavour kick. The freeze dried raspberry adds a nice sour punch which cuts nicely through the sweetness.

Local honey is a real kitchen first aid gem. Consuming honey from your local area may help with allergies to pollen in the spring. Think of it as eating micro doses of the local pollen. Over time I find it really does hep build up a resilience to your local pollens during allergy and hay fever season.

If you are new to freeze dried powders I recommend getting them from The Forger's Food Co in Tasmania.


1 cup of raw local honey

1 heaped teaspoon of freeze dried raspberry powder

1/2 teaspoon freeze dried blueberry powder


Add your honey to a jar

Add in the powder and stir to combine.

You can also let the powder sit on to and slowly fall into the honey over time

Use as a garnish on your morning muesli or mix it into a herbal tea for added zing!

There is an option to play around with this. Use what you have to boost this and make it your own! Adding in some rosehips will help up the vitamin C content, helping boost your immune system even more!

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Chloe is a university trained Naturopath with a passion for cooking real food and not feeling guilty about it! She is also a self confessed skincare junkie and is always trying or researching new and emerging products to recommend to her clients during the healing process. Aside from seeing people in her clinic Chloe is also developing an online skin master class, to help guide people all over the world how to clear up there skin for good! To be the first to know when this course launches, sign up here!