3 helpful herbs that will get your acne under control

Herbal medicine can do wonders for our skin internally. I love teaching you how you can use them for any internal natural skincare routine. Specific herbs can help take the pressure off your skin as an excretory organ, while others aid in digestion, helping the gut/skin connection.

In this episode we cover 3 herbs that may help get your acne under control.

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Time codes:

2:48 - Introduction to herbal actions

3:38 - What is a depurative?

4:47 - How antimicrobials can help our skin

5:30 - Bitters and their role in the gut - skin connection

8:49 - Gotu Kola the skin wonder herb

12:47 - Dandelion the detoxifier 

16:23 - Oregon Grape the berberine bitter queen!

About the Author

Chloe is an internal skincare Naturopath with a passion for, you guessed it, healing your skin from within. Aside from seeing people in her online clinic, Chloe is also runs several internal skincare courses to help set you up for success by giving you the tools you need to help heal your skin for good. Sound like you? Check out her courses here.

Chloe also hosts a podcast Skin From Within, covering all things internal skincare from hormonal acne to rosacea, psoriasis and more.