Pink Hummus

Humus is a staple in my kitchen - I eat it every day. Making your own is super simple and is waaaay cheaper than buying the pre-made versions. Most are filled with canola oil, stabilisers and preservatives so lets cut out the middle man and make our own!

Keeping a jar of this handy in your fridge at all times will ensure you have a handy bit of tasty protein to add to any meal - breakfast, lunch or dinner. Adding protein with every meal helps promote satiety keeping your blood sugar levels balanced. You will also feel fuller for longer.

My go to hummus recipe comes from Ottolengi, although I tend to do less tahini and more lemon juice. The key to creamy hummus is blitzing everything together using ice cold water and not olive oil - yep sounds like blasphemy but trust me - its legit. I generally stick to using organic canned chickpeas as they are easy to keep in stock in your pantry and are ready to go when you are. If you want this recipe to be quick and not pink, just skip the beets.

To really vamp up your end result don't be afraid of toppings. In this particular case I went for black sesame seeds, cumin seeds, caraway seeds, fennel seeds, olive oil and sea salt. Normally I open up my spice cupboard and just put in what I've got. You can't really go wrong.


• 2 small beetroots or 1 large beet (cut the large beet into quarters)

• 1 can organic chickpeas (drained and rinsed)

• 1 lemon (juiced) - you can also grate the zest into mix for added depth of flavour

• 1 good pinch of salt

• 1 tablespoon of water with 1 ice cube added (allow to melt slightly)

• 1 tablespoon of tahini

• 1-2 cloves of garlic (depending on what your day entails and how comfortable you are with garlic breath)

*see topping options below


1. Roast beets in the oven at 200 degrees for 30 minutes or until a knife can pierce them easily. You are looking for a nice soft consistency, something that will blend. Allow to cool slightly before you move on.

2. Add everything into a food processor, nutribullet, mix master mike etc. and blitz until creamy and combined.

3. If you need to, add small amount of water to achieve your preferred consistency

4. Scrape into a serving bowl and dress until your heart is content.

TOPPING OPTIONS - use these as a guide to get you going but put your own mojo into it - its fun and easy!


• Olive oil

• Flakey salt

• 1 tbsp. black sesame seeds

• 1 tbsp. fennel seeds

• 1 tbsp. caraway seeds


• Olive oil

• Flakey salt

• 1 tbsp. pumpkin seeds

• 1 tbsp. white sesame seeds

• 1 tbsp. smoked paprika


• Olive oil

• sea salt

• handful of chopped parsley

• handful chopped mint

• 1 tbsp. pine nuts

• 1 tbsp. cumin seeds

About the Author

Chloe is a university trained Naturopath based in Sydney, Australia specialising in skin and reproductive health. She is also a self confessed skincare junkie and is always trying or researching new and emerging products to recommend to her clients during the healing process. She has a passion for empowering her client to regain control over their health to help bring back their best self. Her approach focuses on incorporating a nutritious diet and lifestyle changes along with nutritional and herbal medicine.

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