Zinc for glowing skin

Zinc is a great little mineral which is responsible for so many processes in our body. Deficiencies are quite common and can manifest in many different ways - but before you go out and buy a zinc supplement you should try and optimise it in your diet - its fun, cheap, tasty and easy.


• dials down stress response

• decreases inflammation and increases immunity

• promotes ovulation in women

• reduces the appearance of acne by blocking androgens (unfriendly hormones that can cause acne) and supporting collagen integrity for healing

• key nutrient needed for optimal thyroid health (used to produce thyroid stimulating hormone)


• Chickpeas, lentils, kidney beans • Hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, linseeds • Cashews, pinenuts, peanuts • Quinoa, oats, rice • Potato, kale • 85% chocolate • Pomegranates, avocado, berries

About the Author

Chloe is a Naturopath practicing in the Inner West of Sydney as well as the wider online community. She has a passion for empowering her client's to regain control over their health and is enjoys working with her client's to get to the bottom of why they may be experiencing fertility problems. Her approach focuses on incorporating a nutritious diet and lifestyle changes along with nutritional and herbal medicine.

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