Homemade Fermented Sriracha

This homemade take on one of Thailand's best exports will have your gut singing your praises. It's short lacto-ferment provides you with all of the good stuff plus the tangiest after taste - put it on everything - honestly.


- 10 habanero chillies

- 2 garlic cloves

- 3cm ginger (chopped)

- 1 teaspoon sugar (this helps the ferment)

- pinch of salt


1. Deseed all the chillies and place in food processor, chopper or high powered blender

2. Depending on your preference for spice add back in some seeds to heat this baby up. I would recommend going slowly and tasting until you find the perfect balance.

3. Add in garlic, ginger, sugar and salt

4. Blitz together until it forms a paste like consistency.

5. Jar up into a Kilner jar (rubber sealed - see image above), making sure the jar is big enough for a little bit of head room. The gasses will need space one they start to produce.

6. Leave in a dark, warm space for 5 days. Check on it daily and 'burp' if needed. You can do this by releasing the latch on your jar and resealing again.

8. Keep refrigerated until use. This should last upwards of 1 month in the fridge but I'll bet you will use it up within a week. YUM

Feel free to play around with the chilies here as well - jalapenos make a nice green version.

About the Author

Chloe is a Naturopath practicing in Sydney's Inner West. She has a passion for cooking and loves boosting gut health through JERF-ing (just eat real food). Her approach focuses on incorporating a good nutritious diet and lifestyle changes along with nutritional and herbal medicine. She loves working out what works best for you - an individualised approach.