Homemade Oven Roasted Muesli

Store bought muesli are riddled with sugar and additives, not to mention that one pesky ingredient that you pick out every time. Making your own at home is simple. You can tailor it to suit your needs - do what feels good to you!

This is my favourite combo but as usual you do you - if you want to add cashews, add cashews.


- 1 cup raw nuts of your choosing (walnuts, cashews, almonds, macadamias, brazil, you chose baby)

- 1 cup rolled oats (GF if needed)

- 1/4 cup pepitas

- 1/4 cup sunflower seeds

- 1/2 cup of shredded coconut

- 1/2 cup quinoa flakes

- 1/4 cup puffed rice or quinoa

- 2 tbsp. chia seeds

- 2cm ginger (grated or finely chopped)

- 3 teaspoons cinnamon powder

- 3 teaspoons vanilla essence

Feel free to free style these ingredients depending on what available to you. If you need to add a sweetness add a tiny bit of honey or maple syrup


1. Put everything in a large bowl

2. Mix it all together with our hands - yep get them dirty - it's good for your mind

3. Roast in the oven at 150 degrees celsius for 15-20mins or until golden brown, check frequently as all ovens are different.

4. Store in an air tight container after cooling.

5. Enjoy with greek yogurt or coyo. Top with some fruit. YUM

About the Author

Chloe is a Naturopath practicing in Sydney's Inner West. She has a passion for using food as medicine and loves helping her clients regain control over their health by doing what feels good!. Her approach focuses on incorporating a nutritious diet and lifestyle changes along with nutritional and herbal medicine.