Coming Off The Pill

Coming Off The Pill

  • Consider this your step by step guide to coming off the pill and keeping clear skin.


    Are you looking to transition off the oral contraceptive pill but are worried your skin will break out? Or maybe you have tried once before, but jumped right back on that bandwagon after your first breakout?


    This is the ebook you've been waiting for.


    Coming Off The Pill is a step by step guide that gives you the tools and knowledge you need to smoothly transition off the pill.


    With over 20 pages of information this ebook gives you the knowledge you need to ensure your skin does not break out post pill.


    Throughout this ebook, you will be guided from Weeks 1 through 13, with suggested nutrients, herbal medicine and dietary interventions. 



  • This ebook is for you if:

    • you are on the oral contraceptive pill and are looking to smoothly transition off
    • you have previously tried to stop the pill but had a skin flare up
    • you previously had acne prior to going on the pill
    • you are worried about your skin breaking out if you stop taking the pill