Balancing your skin microbiome

Skin Microbiome - what is it?

Just like our guts, our skin also has living bacteria on it. Many of these bacterias are beneficial and help protect against pollutants and disease.

The colonisation of these bacterias depend on the climate you live in, pollution around you, your own genetic makeup and of course, your skin care routine. When our skin is red, inflamed and itchy, it can often mean that there is an overgrowth of certain bacterias.

Skin pH

The skin on your face is actually acidic. It ranges from about 4 - 5 on the pH scale. This is needed as if the skin is too alkaline, unwanted bacteria may thrive and reproduce like crazy causing the aforementioned symptoms we all dread. The main culprits of making our skin too alkaline can

be foaming face washes AKA anything that contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). Not all foaming face washes are created equal though!

Natural based brands often use sodium lauryl glucose carboxylate which is a sugar based naturally occurring emollient, which is much less stripping to the face.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) = alkaline skin = optimal conditions for bad bacteria to thrive

Topical probiotics for the skin

Ideally we want to build up a good layer of skin flora that will help protect against any bad bacteria that finds its way onto our skin throughout the day. This skin flora will help fight off anything that wants to infiltrate the skin. You want to be doing this especially if you suffer from acne, roseaca and eczema as all of these conditions are forms of inflammation and result in redness. Topical probiotics will help soothe this inflammation and redness whilst you tackle the internal problem (whatever it may be)

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Chloe is a female health Naturopath with a passion for cooking real food and not feeling guilty about it! She is also a self confessed skincare junkie and is always trying or researching new and emerging products to recommend to her clients during the healing process. Aside from seeing people in her clinic Chloe is also developing an online skin master class, to help guide people all over the world how to clear up there skin for good! To be the first to know when this course launches, sign up here!


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