Green Hummus

Updated: Jan 7

New year, new humus. Think of this one as a nice cleansing new year special. In all reality its just hummus with spinach - but at least its better than nothing!


• 1 cup baby spinach leaves

• 1 can organic chickpeas (drained and rinsed)

• 1 lemon (juiced) - you can also grate the zest into mix for added depth of flavour

• 1 good pinch of salt

• 1 - 2 tablespoons of water with 1 ice cube added (allow to melt slightly)

• 1 tablespoon of tahini

• 1-2 cloves of garlic (be in control of your own garlic breath)

*see topping options below


1. Add everything into a food processor, nutribullet, mix master mike etc. and blitz until creamy and combined.

3. If you need to, add small amounts of water to achieve your preferred consistency

4. Scrape into a serving bowl and dress until your heart is content.

TOPPING OPTIONS - use these as a guide to get you going but put your own mojo into it - its fun and easy!


• Olive oil

• Flakey salt

• Pomegranate seeds

• Handful of parsley


• Olive oil

• Flakey salt

• 1 tbsp. black sesame seeds

• 1 tbsp. fennel seeds

• 1 tbsp. caraway seeds


• Olive oil

• sea salt

• handful chopped mint

• zest of 1 lemon

• 1 tbsp. cumin seeds

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About the Author

Chloe is a female health Naturopath with a passion for cooking real food and not feeling guilty about it! She is also a self confessed skincare junkie and is always trying or researching new and emerging products to recommend to her clients during the healing process. Aside from seeing people in her clinic Chloe is also developing an online skin master class, to help guide people all over the world how to clear up there skin for good! To be the first to know when this course launches, sign up here!


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