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Hi There, I'm Chloe and I am here to educate you on how you can have the skin you want, for good. But let's start with a little about me, before we jump into all things skin.


I am a university trained Clinical Naturopath. After studying for four years, I found myself seeing patients in the Inner West of Sydney. It was here that I really started to pivot into all things skin. For years at uni, my lecturers would always say, your speciality finds you, and boy did it! So many of my patients were coming in with the same issues. Skin issues. Acne, eczema, general redness, textural irregularities, psoriasis,  you name it, they had it.


Often I was their last point of call, their last resort. They were fed up with using medications that would work, but only for so long. Skin care that was costing them a bomb, but still no results.


It was from these consults, that I dove deep into the skin world. I am so passionate about helping you overcome your skin issues. A major part of this is looking at all aspects of your life. Don't for one minute think that your diet, stress, hormones, blood sugar and gut health aren't playing a role. Your skin is a representation of what is going on the inside. It is your largest organ. When its inflamed, it is trying to tell you something! That is why I developed Skin School.

Skin School a step by step ebook designed to teach you everything you need to know to help heal your acne from the inside out - for good. 


Need some more info? Here are some of my FAQs

How did you become a naturopath?

I studied a four year Bachelor of Health Science at Endeavour College in Sydney. This degree is made up of a mixture of biology, human biology and chemistry subjects. As well as more Naturopathy specific subjects like herbal and nutirtional medicine. The degree itself is challenging but very worth it. If you are looking to study Naturopathy, I would recommend studying at either Endeavour College of Natural Health or ACNT. 

Why did you become a naturopath?

When I first left school in year 12, I had been accepted into the Naturopathy degree at Southern Cross University. I deferred this as I was very keen on takin a gap year. After my gap year I ended up in Sydney Studying a Bachelor of Arts. Part way through this I was offered a full time job in marketing, which I took. So my degree went on hold. After working in the marketing and industry for some time, I wasn't feeling overly fulfilled. Deep down I think I wanted to do something that allowed my to help other people. This lead me back to naturopathy and to Endeavour College. 

If you are struggling with choosing your career path, know that it isn't always set in stone. I switched between 3 different uni degrees (hello gen Y!), before I landed on Naturopathy. It is normal to feel unsure but important to always trust your gut instinct. Even if that means starting again. 

What do naturopaths do?

The main job of a naturopath is to help educate you about you. We take a holistic approach, meaning we look at all aspects of your life to try and find the root cause for your condition.  Our aim is to get you back to feeling your best and help keep you there. By educating you, we can help you understand how you can look after your own health and support your body's own capacity to heal. We use nutritional and herbal medicine, as well as looking in depth into lifestyle aspects.

What is your specialty?

At university my teachers would always say 'your speciality will find you' and boy did it. Skin cases were popping up at my clinic day in, day out. From here I dove deep into research and found that similar aspects of each persons case always came up. That is why I wrote Skin School. I wanted to really help people overcome their skin conditions and I had to think how I could get this information out to the masses. Skin is so much more than what is on the surface.

How can naturopaths help with acne?

When treating acne, naturopaths will look into several aspects of your life. We want to find the underlying cause as to what is causing the flare up to take place on your skin. Acne is inflammation on the skin, so we need to find the cause. This can be anything from poor gut health, nutrient deficiencies, internal inflammation, hormonal imbalances, endocrine issues or food allergies. Often it is a combination of a few.